My 2018 Challenge Has Come to an End…

Did I complete the challenge successfully?! 

Okay so that’s it the year is almost over and I have completed my 2018 challenge ‘No Spend 365’ where I didn’t buy any new clothes for an entire year! If you didn’t read my crazy idea at the beginning of the year let me remind you of why I was doing this – ‘So the goal by the end of this year is to know; what items in my wardrobe have had the most wear and which items I don’t ever wear and are taking up space. Also I am hoping I will know where the gaps are that I need to fill in my wardrobe.’ I can safely say that I succeed in not buying any new items of clothing although I was gifted a few items in the latter half of the year, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be however it didn’t save me any money at all because I was spending it on other things but hey ho, such is life.


So what have I learnt about my wardrobe? I still love just wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I don’t think I’ll ever be any different! However having a few quirky bottom halves is great when you feel stuck in a rut, my leather look coated jeans from H&M are a great example of this and my green Mango maxi skirt. They are a little different but can still be paired with lot’s of items so aren’t useless pieces in my collection. Speaking of t-shirts; white t-shirts are my jam, so easy to style with literally everything and a timeless classic! If you havent already got one in your collection go and invest in a good quality one right now! Another probably obvious revelation was Converse basically go with everything and were by far my most worn shoe in 2018. Also a colour pop bag is the best way to breathe new life into outfits!


This year I learnt above everything that being comfortable is the best thing and I don’t mean just comfortable shoes etc. I mean feeling comfortable within yourself, I love the fact that my wardrobe makes me feel confident whatever I choose to wear.

My favourite outfits of 2018

January – March


April – June


July – September


October – December


What will I be buying myself in 2019? Well I 100% need some more long sleeve tops and some more lightweight knitwear that’s a must especially for an upcoming trip in January but to be honest my wardrobe is pretty well-rounded already! I’m sure in the summer I’ll be investing in another maxi skirt and some denim shorts that cover my bum but I’ll be interested to see what I actually purchase in 2019 because there aren’t as many gaps in my wardrobe as I first thought.

Do you think you could take on the challenge of no new clothes in 2019?!

3 thoughts on “My 2018 Challenge Has Come to an End…

  1. This is an amazing challenge! Well done for completing it 🙂 I don’t really ever buy myself anything so I can imagine this would be pretty easy for me too. I might give it a go myself in the New Year and see what happens!

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