Hallyu! The Korean Wave at The V&A

I have been wanting to go to this since it was announced but I knew it was something I wanted to experience with both my museum bestie (my mum) and the Mr who is obsessed with everything from Eastern Asian, so it took a little while for our diaries to align but finally we set off in the wind and rain and into the brightness and joy of Hallyu! The Korean Wave. The exhibition showcases the dynamic popular culture of South Korea, and its global impact on the creative industries of cinema, drama, music, fandom, beauty and fashion. It’s a huge exhibition and there is a lot packed in so here is just a snapshot of what to expect.

Stereotypically I was most drawn to the fashion side of things that were on display especially how the historical pieces have found their way into modern day styles and as expected there is a huge focus on K-Pop in the exhibition and how it’s swept the nation.

There is still a chance to explore the exhibition as it’s on until the 25th of June.

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