Nothing Beats a Classic White T-Shirt

I think it’s safe to say that Spring is back in London and with it comes my Spring wardrobe.


Trousers – H&M|T-Shirt – GirlvsCancer|Shirt – Ralph Lauren|Cardigan – Brandy Melville(similar)|Shoes – Converse via Office|Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren (similar).

London seems to be giving Spring a second chance so the spring wardrobe has resurfaced and I am no longer finding myself buried in jumpers but opting for slightly lighter layers. This outfit was slightly inspired by Stacey Dooley’s gorgeous style, she loves a good basic white tee and although I tend not to wear them on their own – they wash my out a little – I love them layered underneath a shirt or a jacket. Seeing as I am currently favouring the denim shirt and I don’t think I’m brave enough to step out in double denim, I opted for my coated black jeans.

My favourite thing about Spring is the urge I get to try new things. In winter I tend to get a little bogged down in jeans and three jumpers unless it’s a special occasion but as soon as we get a little glimpse of sun I’m rummaging to the back of the wardrobe to find those pieces I hadn’t thought to pair together.

What are you looking forward to styling this spring?


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