Gliding into 2018 in style

Gliding into 2018 in this chic look.   


Skirt – Mango (similar)|Jumper – M&S (similar)|Heels – Miss KG (similar)|Bag – H&M (similar).

New Years Eve was a rather civilised affair this year, as was last year and I’m sure from now on I will be picking a night in over a night out. However that didn’t mean I was going to miss out on dressing up for the occasion! I love the combination of colours and textures in this outfit and can certainly see myself wearing this in the future. Switch out the heels for some boots and its already perfect for that lunch date you’ve got coming up. I can’t find the M&S Jumper anywhere online however it was bought only a week before Christmas so I would head to your local store to try and find it if you like the look of it.

Surrounded by the people I love with good food and Jools Holland on the TV to count us down into the New Year. It was the perfect end to a pretty great year give or take a few world hiccups.

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