Embracing Being Pale on a Golden Afternoon

More tea vicar …

Petersham Nurseries has been on my doorstep my entire life so I’m not sure how it took one very hot Saturday to get me there! I was joined by the queen of tea and gardening herself, my lovely mum. She’s visited a few times before – again I’m not sure how I am only really just discovering it!


We wove in and out of the huge greenhouses towards the the cafe, it was still early in the day but that didn’t stop us from ordering a delicious slice of carrot cake to have with our tea. We nabbed the last shady table, a beautiful rusty yellow one which matched my new bag perfectly and nattered about the tennis, work and how bloomin’ hot it was.

Being super pale in this hot weather can be seen as a curse mainly because people look at you like you’re crazy because you’re not tanned but also because you can’t walk outside without factor 50 on otherwise you become a lobster very quickly. In the past i’ve been obsessed with fake tanning not wanting to miss out on that golden glow. However this year I really wanted to embrace being pale because it’s just as beautiful as being tanned, plus having to fake tan every like 3 days and worrying about it going patchy when you sweat is way too much hassle and this girl has got better things to do with her time – like apply a huge amount of factor 50 to protect herself from sun damage!

This is not a preachy post about sun damage and skin cancer etc etc. but if you do want to lie out in the sun please at least put some sun cream on and always re-apply! It doesn’t last all day.



Skirt – Anthropologie|Top – Brandy Melville (similar)|Bag – House of Fraser (similar)|Shoes – Converse via Office|Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren (similar).

Tea drunk and cake devoured we explored every inch, peering into the stunning restaurant which was already filling up for lunch and re-decorating both of our homes in the homeware shop. Sticky from the sun and the women’s Wimbledon final beckoning us we set off for home. If you’re local, or not so local I would highly recommend taking a trip. I’m already planning on making a lunch booking in the future – the menu looks amazing!

Have you been to Petersham Nurseries?

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