Discover a Secret Smokey Soho Hideaway

This isn’t neccesarily just a date night spot but whatever the occasion you need to check this out.

The Mr doesn’t often pick the restaurant we are going to go, not because I’m a major control freak it’s mainly because he knows I love researching out the next best place for us to go; so I was pleasantly surprised when he picked me up from work and told me he knew exactly where we dining on that particular evening.


Jumpsuit – Oliver Bonas (similar)|Shoes – Converse via Office|Top – H&M

For some reason I feel very scandinavian in this outfit. The Mr described it as toddler chic. Either way I love the fact that I can layer up my favourite jumpsuit for the colder weather. The H&M top has a gorgeous frill on the neck and sleeves which is great for making a basic item have a little oomph, very cosy for this sudden cold snap with occasional spots of sun.

Okay, so enough about clothes let’s talk about food. We were headed up to town to see some comedy at Soho Theatre so wanted to eat around that area. I had no clue where we going and thought the Mr was pulling me into a shop before we were led downstairs into the wonderful world of Temper. A secret hideaway from the bustling city above. We grabbed a table kitchen side so we had the best seats in the house.

You know I can’t resist a cocktail so we ordered from their ever changing menu. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the one I had but the Mr would highly recommend a El Gran Humo. It’s not often that we repeat a cocktail preferring to try as many as possible throughout the evening but we both re-ordered the same half way through the meal.


The food is largely non traditional South American with a few twists and turns in the menu so we started off with some delicious sharing bites. Duck Egg & Bacon Tostadas, Torched Mackeral & Avocado Tostadas and Aged Cheeseburger Tacos. Full of flavour, amazing spice combinations and interesting textures, all quite spicy but the cocktails took the edge off. I only wish we had tried the Lamb Fat Popcorn.


I won’t lie, the feast we ate was much bigger than this but we were ravenous and had scoffed quite a lot before I remembered to take a snap. I was brave (for my standard) and tried the Smoked Goat which came served on a delicious flat bread and was seasoned to perfection. I paired this with something named Smack Cucumber which is literally the best thing in the world and I want the recipe, absolute salty fresh perfection. The Mr treated himself to large amounts of beautifully cooked Ribeye Steak; again perfectly seasoned and paired with Smoked beets, Quinoa, Apple salad. The crowning glory of the meal was the Lamb Fat Potatoes, decadent, delicious and would probably make your cholesterol go through the roof.

Temper is amazing for date nights, work night outs or dinner with friends. If you can get a seat kitchen side then do it or cosy up in one of their gorgeous booths.

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