Christmas Traditions

Christmas wouldn’t be christmas if you and your family didn’t have traditions.

You might not even realise that they are traditions, it might just be that you visit the same place each year or eat a certain thing but they are traditions none the less. So I thought on this Christmas Eve I would share with you some of my traditions…

Christmas at Kew


Coat – H&M (similar)|Jeans – ASOS|Jumper – Tobi* (similar)

If you are a long time reader of the blog then you’ll know that my mum and I have been going to Christmas at Kew since it began and it really wouldn’t be the festive season without a chilly evening oohing – and – ahhing at the gorgeous light displays whilst warming our hands on mulled cider and melting marshmallows over heated coals. It was busier than ever this year so if you fancy going next year I would book your tickets early!

Winter Wonderland Wanderings


Coat – H&M (similar)|Jeans – H&M (similar)|Shoes – Converse| Head Band – M&S (similar)

Another destination tradition but this time somewhere I enjoy with the Mr. It’s a bit of a tourist trap but you can’t help but enjoy wandering amongst the stalls, sipping on cherry mulled wine and trying to win something on one of the many side shows. If you’re into roller coasters etc. they actually have some pretty good ones; it’s no Thorpe Park but still worth spending a couple of pounds to have a quick thrill. I am more into the fun houses though and eating tasty treats whilst watching the Mr whizz round on a coaster or two.

Collecting Christmas Decorations



I know that some people get new Christmas decorations each year, I however am more of a collector so that each decoration has a meaning – apart from the baubles, those are from John Lewis and good for filling in spaces! I’ve got decorations from all over the world, from different moments in my life and beautiful gifts from loved ones. I think in the future I might need a 13ft tree to fit them all on!



Jumpsuit – Oliver Bonas (similar)|Shoes – Miss KG (similar).

Since school I’ve been gathering friends together for an early Christmas, it started with us all chipping in a tenner and heading to the supermarket to get the most bang for our buck and now it’s transformed into each of us bringing a contribution for the table. I got to host this year, I was in my Pinterest element with my table settings and it was fantastic to just chill out with friends before the whirlwind of the festive season properly began.

Christmas Eve Tree


This is the longest serving tradition in my family, putting my families Christmas Tree up on Christmas Eve, so it stands for the 12 days of Christmas. Now I’ve moved out I love heading over on Christmas Eve and getting all the decorations out that they’ve collected over the years, including awful art projects from mine and my sisters school days. Listening to Carols at Kings we decorate the tree before heading up the road to the neighbours drinks parties. Everyone who has ever really lived on the street since I was born all descend on our neighbours to catch up.

What are your Christmas traditions?

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