365 No Spend Challenge | 4 Month Update

I haven’t bought any new clothes in 4 months!  

Do you remember at the beginning of 2018 I said I wasn’t going to buy any clothes, well somehow we are already 4 months in and it’s not been as awful as I thought it was going to be! Of course I’ve done a lot of window shopping and my ASOS wishlist is full of beautiful things but I haven’t actually had the urge to break the rules or just ‘treat myself’


Surprisingly two of my most worn items are my coated skinny jeans from H&M and my dark green maxi skirt from Mango. Normally I am very much a jeans and a t-shirt girl but I’ve been stepping out of the box a little more and these have been my go-to. However because these are so versatile I haven’t felt like I needed to add something new to my wardrobe.


On my list of things that I really need to purchase once this is over is more long-sleeved tops, especially polo necks, I love the few that I already own and could use them in a few more colours. Seeing as I already know how to style them its more a case of quantity as I would wear them everyday in the winter if I could keep up with the wash. I also want to add another smart sweater to my collection. Mainly because for work I ended up wearing the same two over and over again and it would be nice to have a third one to pop in the cycle. Lastly another pair of non-jeans trousers for the summer, maybe some culottes or a less tight fitting option.



The last 4 months I’ve left the A-line mini skirt trend behind, with my 3 options staying safely in the drawer. I’ve opted for more maxi and midi options finding them more versatile in my wardrobe. Jeans have as always been my go to bottom half however now mainly for Mon – Fri. The weekend sees me switching them out for something a little different. I think the next 4 months as we head into the summer might prove to a be a little bit harder as my wardrobe is definitely catered to colder weather but hopefully I still have enough basics in my wardrobe to see me through!

What’s your favourite new item? Leave them in the comments below!

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