15 Fun Things To Do Once Lockdown Is Over

What’s the best thing to do when you don’t know what to do? Write a list of course!

Last Sunday the Mr and I were supposed to be hopping aboard The Grand Duchess for a London Shell Co. dinner cruise however for obvious reasons that’s been put on pause, which got me thinking about all the things I want to do once lock down is over and life returns to normal. So I thought I’d pop together a little wish list of things I’m hoping to get up to and also a list of things I’ve already done but that I think everyone would love.

  • Outdoor cinema, we went to the Luna Cinema at Hampton Court a few years ago to see one of the Star Wars movie and I would love to do this again! I’ve heard there is one on a rooftop pool which sounds epic.
  • Dine at Gloria Trattoria, a favourite among bloggers I’ve heard amazing things about this place especially the pasta that’s tossed in a cheese wheel.
  • Terrarium Workshop; mum, my sister and I had booked onto one of these so I am hoping another opportunity pops up in the future.
  • Book a stay at The Bluebird Penthouse, this popped up on my Instagram I think and looks so fun; it’s a caravan and there is a hot tub in a Land Rover and seems like the perfect staycation.
  • Another travel one is a return trip to Wriggly Tins; went with my mum a few years ago and really want to go back with the whole family! It’s cute little shepherds huts where you cook everything over a fire and it’s real going back to basics, switching off from the outside world so perfect after the stressful time we’re all having.
  • Go Ape. I am desperate to go; every year my friends and I vow to go and it just never happens so when this is all over I am going! The best way to let off some steam and also spend time with people I haven’t been able to see for ages.
  • Re-book in for our dinner cruise with London Shell Co. we’ve done a static lunch with them and it was amazing but really want to cruise with them.
  • See the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park; random but I really want to see them!

I’m not quite sure (no-one is) when we’ll be allowed to do all these things but as soon as we get the all clear for the government I will be filling up my diary with these things. There are also a few bits & bobs I’ve already been too that although I wouldn’t immediately visit again, I think other people would love so you can fill up you diaries with even more fun things.

  • Cutter & Squidge Harry Potter Afternoon Tea – need I say more.
  • The Sky Garden, if you are in need of a little luxury and love a good view then get yourself a ticket (it’s free to go in but you need to book)
  • Speaking of cocktails The Iris Bar at The Gherkin is amazing and again has stunning views of London.
  • Visit 2 Temple Place. If you love history, architecture and quirky items then this is the place to spend an afternoon, also great cake at the cafe.
  • Take a tour of the Natural History Museum Spirit Tour, it’s a weird and wacky peek behind the scenes tour perfect for young and old.
  •  All Stars Bowling, the fun of bowling but with a vintage twist.
  • Catch a show at Southwark Playhouse, they always have great shows that aren’t mainstream on.

What will you be doing once this is over and done with?

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