A Magical Afternoon at Cutter & Squidge

On a rather grey May afternoon my best girl K whisked me off to London for a little surprise, in the shape of a magical themed afternoon tea.

Now due to having far too much fun creating potions and casting spells plus the room being lit by ‘candle light’ these photos are not up to my usual standard however I had such an amazing time I couldn’t not share it with my readers!



We got cloaks, wands and tea need I say more.

Okay I will. Hidden away underneath Cutter & Squidge on Brewers Street in the heart of Soho is The Potion Room where you and your friends can graduate from magic school on an intensive potions course which just so happens to include a full afternoon tea. The whole thing is an absolute joy from receiving your cloak and wand at the beginning, being sorted into your tea house to creating a delicious dessert in a cauldron. No previous magic experience is required and you’ll leave with not only a slightly tighter waistband but as fully fledged witch (or wizard).

I don’t want to spoil all the magic so I leave it up to you to book in and discover The Potion Room.

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