Cocktails in the sky at The Gherkin

Your next date idea is just a click away.

Although I’m writing this whilst social distancing, this is a date afternoon (morning or evening) to put on the to-do list once all this Coronavirus stuff is done! If you’re reading this and all of that is in the past (thank god!) then putting it on the to do list is still a good idea.

Despite not being the biggest fan of heights I am constantly looking for places to give me panoramic views of my favourite city. The Gherkin is one of the most iconic buildings on the London skyline but I had no idea that you could go inside, let alone enjoy cocktails. So, as soon as I did know I booked the Mr and I in for a little date afternoon on the 41st floor.


Booking is essential but wasn’t difficult as we chose to go the Iris Bar rather than the Helix Restaurant. I imagine a Saturday evening might be more difficult but on a Sunday afternoon we breezed in and were given a gorgeous table. Despite the slightly cloudy weather the views were still epic and the cocktails were delicious. If you like gin then go for the Black Elderflower or if you are partial to a margarita then the Mezcal Marg comes highly recommend from the Mr.


You can’t just have one cocktail – okay you can, but when the cocktail list is as good as it is at Searcy’s you’ll struggle to walk away without ordering another one. You can get brunch in the Iris Bar as well which did look delicious but predominantly people come for the view and stay for the drinks.

Any date recommendations are always appreciated!

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