Lunch with London Shell Co.

What’s not to like about good food, beautiful location and great company.

View from London Shell Co.

Whenever I’m looking for a good place to eat be it with friends, family or himself I always turn to blogs to see what’s the best new place. The Londoner one of my all time favourite blogs, mentioned London Shell Co. and I couldn’t resist booking the Mr and I in for lunch.

Trousers – H&M|Top – Topshop (similar)|Jacket – Topshop (similar)|Shoes – Converse via Office|Backpack – Aldo (similar)| Scarf – Hush.

Nestled on the river bank just behind Paddington station is The Grand Duchess.We stepped off the bank inside and grabbed a seat by the window.

I can’t say no to a good cocktail so we both kicked everything off with one; a bubbles and rhubarb flavoured one for me and a sherry based one for him. Both equally delicious, they change their drinks list all the time but whatever they have I can assure you will be delicious!

The food menu also changes almost daily so this is only a sampling of whats on offer you’ll have to go there yourself to discover what else they serve.

To go with our cocktails we shared Cuttlefish with Aioli and the Mr treated himself to a Carlingford Oyster. I’d never had cuttlefish before but now it’s all I want! Especially when its seasoned with paprika and dipped in the best aioli i’ve ever had.

We swiftly moved onto our main course which we paired with the house red, a light but flavourful wine which adds only an extra £2 onto your bill when purchased with your main meal.

Seafood Linguine for the Mr.

Chorizo Cassoulet for myself; we pretty much sat in silence whilst eating pausing occasionally to sip our wine or murmur about how good the food was.

To finish up we picked the Vanilla Set Creme with Rhubarb and Pistachios a gorgeous combination of sharp and sweet and we both wished we hadn’t shared it!

We walked off our meal by taking a stroll around Little Venice which is so beautiful especially in the late afternoon.

Pop down for lunch and take advantage of their phenomenal lunch time deal or book in for their evening river cruise which the Mr and I are already planning to do!

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