How to Pick the Best Frames For You

Hey four eyes, nice frames.

Choosing the right frames for you can feel like a daunting task, especially as for some people they are an everyday accessory. I hadn’t had new frames since 2015 so at a recent eye test seeing as my eyes had changed a little I thought it was time to upgrade my glasses.

So here are the three things I looked at when choosing my new frames. 


The first thing to look at is the size of your face. I have quite a petite face so the size of the frames is important as I don’t want to go around with huge frames that dwarf me, however I don’t personally like tiny frames so I needed to find something in between. These ones that I settled on are quite large but lengthwise not width-way so they still suit my smaller features. The next thing is the shape of the frames themselves, my older pair of glass were a little more boxy and although I liked those I wanted to try a rounder frame but didn’t want to end up looking like Harry Potter – some people can really pull that off but not me with my ‘baby face’. The shape of the frames comes down to the shape of your face (according to my optician) as someone with an oval face I’m quite lucky that most shapes suit me but for example if you have a square face a cat eye shape would compliment you more than a boxy style as this would emphasize the angular features. Whereas if you have a round face rectangular glasses shapes give the face some contour. 


Lastly the colour of the frames. Glasses come in all sorts of colours but in true tradition I went for a neutral tortoiseshell. My older frames were black which at the time I loved because I wore a lot of black, but now my wardrobe has more softer colour tones, tortoiseshell fits better with my day to day outfits. If you are someone who loves black in your wardrobe why not go for colour pop frames, which would jazz up any outfit.


As always the most important thing is to choose the frames that you love and feel good in!

What would your dream frames look like?

2 thoughts on “How to Pick the Best Frames For You

  1. Mine are virtually the same shape as yours but the roundness is slightly more angular. I also have a slightly narrow, oval shaped face so lots of frames are too wide but I look like a toddler in round frames because I have a little round nose. I’ve also negated my usual black plastic frames for a deep red/auburn plastic ones as more feminine and softer. I think we both have the perfect specs!

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