A Great Escape To The Countryside

Time to switch off for a little while.

Snuggled in a field on the South Downs is a rather special place called Wriggly Tins, I first discovered it after reading a blog post from The Londoner and knew I needed to book mum and I in for a little staycation. We sped off to the country for a couple of days to recharge our batteries and switch off from the city. After going a little way off the beaten track we were met by our delightful host Alex who showed us the ropes of the campsite.

Our beautiful yellow hut, Barrow had everything you need for a comfortable stay in the great outdoors and as soon as we arrived we knew the first order of the afternoon was to get the kettle going on our campfire.

As the evening drew in I couldn’t help but toast some marshmallows on the camp fire in celebration. After the slightly bizarre starter, we settled down in front of our campfire, hugged ourselves with rugs and dug into a warming shepherds pie we had cooked at home and bought with us.

We woke with the sun, streaming in through our tiny bed side window and hopped out of bed to get both fires going; it can get a little chilly inside the hut without the wood burning stove on. It was blissful sunshine outside so I got the campfire burning and turned to the wonderful breakfast basket that Alex had bought over the night before, to cook up a storm.

Fed and dressed we jumped in the car and set off for a little bit of local history.

Chawton is home to the house that Jane Austen spent the last years of her life in and wrote some of her classics. The house and gardens are full of so much history that I never even knew about the famous author and her family. So it was the perfect way to while away a late morning. 

We drove back to our quiet little field stopping to admire the beautiful countryside around us. Once we were back, in need of a brew we stoked up the fires and settled down for the rest of the day.

We kicked off our third and final day with a mammoth walk; with the goal of walking to the Ridge of the Downs. The weather was stunning and the scenery equally so. 

We took a rest-bite at The Bat & Ball, where the rules of Cricket were discussed and decided on many moons ago. We didn’t have any food there but the menu looked amazing and it’s highly recommended in the guest book.

We continued our walk and stumbled upon a very battered but original version of what we were staying in.

Exhausted we arrived home and stoked up the campfire for a cup of tea. Before settling down for our last dinner cooked on a campfire.

Wriggly Tins is the perfect place for a digital detox. I will definitely be returning in the near future.  Let me know your thoughts on glamping?!

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