Sipping at The Sky Garden

Join me for drinks in the sky. 

I’ve been dreaming of going to the Sky Garden for cocktails for literally years but getting tickets is not the easiest so when on a whim I checked the website and they had tickets available I cleared both mine and the Mr’s diary and booked us in.

Hidden in amongst the sky scrapers of Monument is a botanical garden with cocktail bars and restaurants hiding in amongst the palms and ferns. 155 meters up the views are spectacular.

To pair with such a good view we thought it was only right that we have some beautiful cocktails from the Sky Pod Bar. Their menu is full of forgotten classics and new unique creations. The Mr went for a Japanese Blossom; Nikka Coffey Grain whisky, plum sake, cranberry juice & orange bitters whereas I went for something a little sweeter the Veranda 35; sloe gin, honey liqueur, prosecco & peach essence.

I have drunk a fair few cocktails in my time and these were some of the best I’ve ever had, beautifully crafted and with unique flavours.

We stayed for an hour wandering in amongst the foliage and spotting the landmarks in the distance before heading off for dinner; but that’s another adventure.

If you want to impress on the first date, or even the hundredth date then get tickets and take them for a cocktail or two – we’re already planning on heading back for dinner.

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