The Best Products for Dry and Damaged Hair

Somethings never change but my shampoo and conditioner seems to every year! 

It seems like every year my shampoo and conditioner just stop working and I have to switch things up. So although some of my styling products are still the same I thought I’d introduce you to how I’m keeping my hair tamed currently. If you haven’t been following my blog since the beginning then let me quickly recap my hair story. I started dying it at the age of around 13 it’s been black, darker brown, highlighted, ombre’d, bleached, bleached again, bright pink, cut into a pixie cut, had extensions, the list goes on; not necessarily in that order but it’s safe to say it’s pretty knackered! Last year I made the decision to grow out my hair to my natural colour. It was so dry and lack lustre, with just the slightest breeze creating a birds nest. So I was on the hunt for products which were going to hydrate and help my hair but without coating it; I find that some of the products on the market just pretend to make your hair healthy and strong with nasty chemicals so I was looking for something a little more natural this time around.


Superdrug Coconut Water Shampoo|New Dawn Lavender Conditioner

The main change in my routine is my shampoo and conditioner. I was using a solid shampoo from Lush but towards the end of the year I was finding that the product was leaving a residue in my hair no matter how many time I was rinsing and my hair wasn’t feeling as nourished as before, so I did a little research and picked up the Superdrug Coconut Water Shampoo. It’s really lightweight, washes out any product residue with ease and leaves my hair feeling hydrated and bouncy. I follow this up with the New Dawn Lavender Conditioner, it’s a vegan product which although it doesn’t lather up like most conditioners helps de-tangle, nourish and smooth my hair, it’s the perfect remedy for dry damaged hair plus it doesn’t cost the earth.

New Dawn are offering a 10% discount to my reader so make sure you enter: whatkatedidnext at checkout!


Superdrug Style Expertise Heat Protect|Percy & Reed Voluminsing Mousse

I try to stay away from heat but sometimes I run a pair of straighteners throughly hair or add a few curls in on special occasions so I need to make sure I am protecting my hair when the heat is on! I love a bit of mousse to help my styling stay for longer and this one by Percy & Reed helps add volume to my hair –I don’t need to much help in that department but I’m never going to say no to more volume the bigger the better! I run this through my hair from root to tip once it’s been towel tried then blow dry and style, it helps protect against heat, doesn’t make my hair crunchy and helps smooth any flyways. If I am styling on dry hair then I spritz some of the Superdrug Style Expertise Heat Protect. I think this has appeared in nearly every hair care post I’ve every written which shows how long I’ve been using it for! It’s non-sticky, stops my hair from frying and doesn’t break the bank what more could you want!


Percy & Reed No Oil Oil|Percy & Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray

No this post is not sponsored by Percy & Reed I just bloody love their products! These two gems are life savers. Once I’ve dried and styled my hair the No Oil Oil is great for hydrating my damaged ends and making them not only look but feel softer. It’s also great for smoothing down baby hairs! I pop a little bit in my palm and then smooth through the ends and it doesn’t make your hair look greasy. The Volumising Spray is great for 2nd or 3rd day hair when it’s looking a little limp! It’s not a dry shampoo – I’ve tried to ditch dry shampoos as I find that they thin the hair with overuse and i’m yet to find a good cruelty free one – but it adds oomph to hair thats just hanging there but doesn’t quite need a wash yet or if you have thinner hair and need a boost on the daily this is great for adding volume and texture.

What are you’re haircare secrets?

3 thoughts on “The Best Products for Dry and Damaged Hair

  1. I have never dyed my hair but I have had it permed which completely knocked the hydration out of it, leaving it drier than the Sahara! It’s been such a nuisance but I’ve found your post really helpful! I have to put a Beauty Moisture Mask on my hair every week (an Umberto Giannini product) but 6 months later it’s still not the same! 💖 Grace x

    1. Hair masks are amazing! I think the Body Shop does some really good hair masks and I know that Percy and Reed do a great one as well 🙂 x

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