Treating my Sister to a Luxury Day in London

There is no better friend than a sister, so spoil them whenever you can.

My big sister lives almost 120 miles away from me which means I don’t get to see her very often so when she ventured down from Bristol I decided to take her out for a day of luxury in Londonafter she’d pulled me round the park at 8am for Park Run that is!


After showering and wrapping up warm we headed off to The Sky Garden. I’ve visited in the summer time but was excited to see everything in the winter sunshine – we managed to go before the ‘Beast from the East’ arrived! The views are still stunning if a little chilly and don’t be fooled just because you’re indoors it’s not as toasty as you think it will be!


We managed to grab a sun spot over looking the city, sipping on our hot cocktails, perfect for warming your hands and your soul, we could almost believe that it wasn’t freezing outside! There are only 2 hot cocktails on the menu but they are both delicious. If you like a boozy hot chocolate then go for Sweet Temptation: Vanilla infused rum, chocolate star anise, cinnamon, cloves & a giant marshmallow or if you prefer more of an infusion style then Lazy Sunday would be the perfect choice, breakfast tea infused rum, grapefruit & orange syrup. Both are equally alcoholic and delicious!


Top – H&M|Trousers – ZARA (similar)|Shoes – ASOS (similar)

No I’m not completely crazy my chunky cardigan and coat are just out of shot but my feet were very much not happy with my shoe choice! I just love the pop of red with the navy. These trousers are like wearing smart pyjamas, super soft yet stylish without trying too hard. I find it difficult to break away from my regular jeans and t-shirt uniform so this is my compromise.

We hurried back into the cold before diving onto the slightly warmer tube and heading to Richmond for an afternoon tea at The Ivy Cafe.

Tucked away in a ornate corner we de-layered and ordered possibly the best remedy to the weather outside piping hot pots of tea accompanied by an amazing spread.


I could have eaten about 10 of the Truffled Chicken Brioche Sandwiches but then I wouldn’t have had room for the scones with jam, cream and fresh strawberries!

The treats kept on arriving in the form of Raspberry Cheesecakes, Creme Brûlée Doughnuts and the most delicious Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse. Full to the brim and after a delightful afternoon of people watching we wandered about the local shops before heading home already planning the next time we were going to get together – it just so happens to be next weekend so more adventures will be up on the blog soon! 

5 thoughts on “Treating my Sister to a Luxury Day in London

      1. I bet! I would probably have had the same thought as well 😉 They just can’t present things that well without suffering the consequences of them disappearing 😂 xx

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