My Top Three of 2019

Jumping on that round up wagon…

As someone who literally uses the same products pretty much year on year I didn’t want to bore anyone by rambling on about Illamasqua Hollow for like the sixth year in a row! So instead I thought I would do my Top Three of the year in beauty, style and life.


As this little corner of the internet started off as a beauty blog with monthly and yearly favourites I’ll kick start with my three most reached for beauty items. The Body Shop British Rose Body Yoghurt. This product can be applied to wet skin and will still absorb and moisturise, without leaving you feeling tacky. It’s a gel like formula which leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. So you can hop out of the shower and moisturise straight away, perfect if you are lazy like me! The Pixi Rose Glow Mist. This is a game changer for my skin care routine, if you have dry and dull skin especially in the winter months then if you spritz this on before moisturiser you will be glowing! It helps add moisture and a dewy look to your skin before make up. You can also spritz this during the day to freshen up without it ruining your make up.

Ardell Soft Touch Trios. If I’m wearing make up then I’m wearing individual lashes. I ditched mascara in 2018 because it was making my lashes fall out a lot quicker than their normal cycle and started wearing individual lashes and have never looked back. Full fluttery lashes that still look natural and only take five minutes to apply. The Ardell ones are my favourite because you can buy them all in a short pack instead of having to get a mixed pack like the Eylure ones where I ended up wasting a lot of them. If you have sparse lashes or just want a bit of extra fullness in your lashes then these are the ones to go for. I would recommend putting a thin line of eyeliner if you aren’t going to wear eyeshadow as otherwise they can look a little fake, they eyeliner helps them blend into your lash line better. I actually use the Eylure Brow Pomade with a thin liner brush which works brilliantly.


The three most worn items of this year in theory should have been really hard to pick but I scrolled through my Instagram and instantly knew what they were! This white turtle neck of dreams; this was gifted to me last year and I absolutely love it. Sadly it’s not from a sustainable brand but the amount of wears I have got out of it puts my mind at ease. It’s soft, cosy and you can style it with skirts and jeans. I wore this whilst travelling at the beginning of 2019 and it continued to come away with me on every holiday we went on.

Wedding Dress Shopping  Petite Blogger in Plymouth  Easy Styling Short Hair

The simplest beanie hat. I picked this up in Kew Gardens of all places after losing my absolutely favourite Green Bay Packers bobble hat and have not stopped wearing it. It just goes with everything, doesn’t make my hair look like two spaniel ears like some hats do and it keeps my head warm.

Styling Leather Look Trousers Winter  Styling a beanie hat with short hair 

My black coated skinny jeans. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these jeans, they fit in all the right places, aren’t overly shiny, work for smart and casual events and make me feel amazing. Sadly they are from H&M so aren’t the most sustainable choice however I’ve had them for at least 4 years (if not longer) so I’m getting the most out of them. My favourite way to wear these is with a white t-shirt tucked in, converse with a jacket slung over my shoulders!  I am yet to find anything similar when these ones eventually wear out, so if you’ve seen anything please point me in the right direction.

Mini Boden Harry Potter Collection Styling   

Honourable mentions go to this maxi dress, this midi skirt and these trousers


2019 was a pretty great year for me, sure it had it’s ups and downs but I got engaged, bought a flat and successfully completed a half marathon without dying so I can’t really complain. I thought I’d failed my focuses for 2019 but I just looked back at what they actually where and I didn’t do too badly. Although Petite Blogger NYE Outfitmy eating didn’t get overly healthy I have cut back massively on my dairy and meat intake and for 99% of the time are pescatarian. I’ve moved forward within the company I work for and hopefully even more good things will happen in 2020. It took me a little while to get into the swing of being more sustainable but I’m here now and loving it, plus my plastic use has gone way down so very happy with that.

My three focuses for 2020:

– Drink more water.

– Get back to the gym.

– Do more home cooking.


Recommendations for 2020 to eat, watch, listen.

Watch Witcher on Netflix|Listen to No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast|Eat at OKA Sushi|Watch Mind Hunter on Netflix|Listen to Off Menu Podcast|Eat at Smiths of Smithfield.

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