Daily Look No.3

Hogwarts does Masters degrees right? 

Mini Boden Harry Potter Collection Styling

How to style a long sleeve striped t-shirt    Blogger on the Hogwarts Express

Styling leather look trousers in Autumn

Petite Blogger Hogwarts fashion

When the family mentions a steam train trip you know for sure I am going to go into full Harry Potter nerd mode. Boden recently bought out an amazing Harry Potter collection but only in their kids range – goodness knows why because the outrage on social media has been huge and most potter heads are adults now. Luckily for me I can fit into their size ‘age 16’ – I would say it’s a generous size 10 for adults. So I snapped this Slytherin Breton to add to my wardrobe.

It sounds like I bought this long sleeved top just because I was going on a steam train and wanted to take some photos but in all honesty I was in need of a new long sleeved top for the autumn/winter months, I bloomin’ love a striped top plus it’s loose enough that I’ll be able to fit a thermal underneath it but you can also add a jumper without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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