How to be Organised & Save Money Next Christmas

I’ve cracked how to make Christmas as inexpensive as possible…

Christmas can be an expensive time of year and I know that when November rolls round it can get a little stressful for people which is why last year I decided to work out how to save money and stress for this year; and it worked so I thought I would share it with you. So if this year has been a little bit of a stretch hopefully next year can be a little calmer and inexpensive.

How to save money at Christmas

Buy your wrapping and Christmas cards in the Christmas sales. I always get Paperchase wrapping so it’s a no brainer to get next years wrapping in this years sales. I’m very traditional with my wrapping style each year, brown paper (sometimes with a print, as long as it’s recyclable) with red ribbons as decoration. Plus tissue paper to break up the brown. So I know that I can get something I like for the fraction of the price. I also pick up my Christmas cards, I don’t send that many so it’s not like I’m buying a crazy amount but every little helps. Again Paperchase and John Lewis are my number ones for cards. I’m not super crafty but you can always get creative, my mum this year has done plain brown paper and has printed with an ink stamp Christmas Trees which is always nice and again inexpensive, plus adds a personal touch.

Shop for presents throughout the year. This is easier for some people than others. I really only buy presents for my family and closet friends but I know when you’re younger who you are buying for can switch from year to year but if you can get organised with a list at the beginning of the year you can keep your eyes peeled for items throughout the year and spread the cost. I love buying presents for people on trips because then there is something a little more personal to the gift and it has a story.

Secret Santa. This is a no brainer for a group of friends, co-workers, even maybe if you have a big family. It’s not being tight it’s a great idea and takes the pressure off everyone involved because as a society we don’t talk about money and worrying about money so it’s the perfect option for everyone involved.

Sale shopping isn’t being cheap it’s being clever. First of all no one is going to know that you took advantage of the Black Friday sales because we take the prices off presents plus it really doesn’t matter what you spend on a present it’s the thought that counts – cheesy but true!

Don’t feel pressured to buy gifts for people, no-one says you have to. I am baking a load of gifts this year because well I’m saving for a wedding and I just bought a London flat with the Mr so funds are a little low shall we say plus the ingredients for my Parmesan biscuits cost under £10 and can do 3 lots of presents so it’s a no brainer for me!

    Blogger Christmas Savings Ideas

Would love to hear anyone else tips and tricks on making Christmas gifting as stress free as possible.

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