That Outfit is so 2017

I am by no means a top notch fashion blog but I’ve shared a fair few outfits this past year.

I love how my style keeps on evolving however this year I feel like I really settled into what I am comfortable in – I’m sure I’ve said that every year but I do really like my wardrobe currently and have certainly started buying items that will last. I don’t have to panic about not having something to put on everyday and I think every outfit I put together is stylish. So I thought I would have little look back at what I’ve worn this year.

January|February|March      Three completely different types of outfits for the first three months of the year, I’ve worn all of these multiples times throughout the year apart from Februarys offering, this popped up again whilst in Vegas but it’s certainly more of a one trick pony – perfect for weddings not great for anything else but I still love it. Plus it’s a 2 piece so I can mix and match.

April|May|June      All of these outfits are firm favourites of mine. They are comfortable, chic and all feature my beloved white leather converse. I think this is when I realised that being comfortable was way more important than anything else and also that I have an obsession with stripes.

July|August|September      July and August were boiling in the UK whereas September was a mixture of freezing and hot so I found I had to dig out my winter wardrobe a little earlier than expected. I forgot how great maxi dresses where and then proceeded to buy a few more of them to have as staples during the hotter months, plus I wore a crop top for the first time in ages.

October|November|December        I really pulled out of my comfort zone at the end of the year and I’m so happy I did. I put pieces together that I would never have dreamed of and bought a few new items to help me step away from my jeans and jumper uniform. I also injected a bit more colour into my very much navy and grey based wardrobe.

I can’t wait to see how my wardrobe evolves in the next year despite the spending ban I am placing myself under! What are your favourite pieces this year?

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