1 Skirt 3 Ways|Mango Midi Skirt

One skirt, three outfits. 

I am trying out a sort of capsule wardrobe way of living, without going to the extreme! I am trying to buy pieces that will last the test of time, are versatile and make me happy. That sounds silly but clothing should make you feel comfortable within your own skin even the slightly more frivolous pieces and this midi skirt from Mango is what I would call slightly frivolous.

As more of a petite girl the midi skirt can be a huge mistake but I’ve made it work to my body type and not just by adding heels, currently it’s my favourite clothing piece. I wanted to challenge myself to be able to style this piece for various occasions, it screams formal, party wear but I’ve managed to style it in a casual and smart casual outfit as well.

The Casual Outfit


This was the biggest challenge but my favourite outfit. The metallic colour makes it instantly look like a party outfit so I had to pair it with very simple items to really make it more casual. I chose a plain white t-shirt which wasn’t too fitted and then my battered converse, a black t-shirt made it look slightly too dressy but looked great for a more smart casual look. The jacket tied everything together and made it have a slightly more edgy look but I would happily wear it without, if the weather was a little warmer.

The Smart Casual Outfit


Okay so I slightly cheated with this one as you have seen this outfit before but I love it so much I wanted to showcase it again, this is the perfect smart casual outfit – I’ve worn this at least 5 times since getting the skirt. The heeled boots give it that dressy vibe with the jumper added the casual streak, plus I just love the colour palette. This is the perfect outfit for meeting the parents, Christmas parties or, you know, walks in the park feeling fancy.

The Smart Outfit


I don’t often get the chance to dress up but as soon as the next opportunity comes around I am definitely popping this outfit together again. The backless leotard with a cheeky bit of side boob helps make up for the length of skirt, giving the outfit a bit of spice. I tried this with a long sleeved leotard and it certainly didn’t have as much drama to it or look as chic. I paired it with my favourite go to black heels and added some texture with a snakeskin clutch. I can see this outfit for a NYE bash, or a night at the opera – depending on what sort of circles you socialise in. Pop a blazer or leather jacket on so you don’t freeze in the winter months.

I’m so happy I took the plunge and bought something a little out of my comfort zone that still has versatility within my wardrobe.

How would you style this skirt?

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