Vegas Baby

If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would be jetting off to Vegas I would have laughed in your face but there I was 2 weeks ago sitting on the plane on my way to the USA.We were travelling for a wedding but turned it into an adventure.

We arrived late at night, tired and hungry rolling into our very comfy bed before jet lag jerked us awake at 6:00am.

We stumbled into the morning heat with only one thing on our mind, coffee. We didn’t have to walk far. Tom’s Urban welcomed us with a shady table on the sunny terrace and had all our breakfast needs including lemon, poppyseed and blueberry pancakes.

Neither of us had been to Vegas before so we spent the first day just wandering the strip getting our bearings and revelling in the fact that we were in some sort of adult theme park.


Shirt – Hollister|Shorts – Franklin&Marshall|Trainers – New Balance.

We were constantly scouting out places we wanted to try and things we wanted to see; like kids in a sweetshop our noses pressed up against windows, oohing and ahhing over everything.

Our next day was pretty chilled well for me at least, I spent it lounging by the pool while the Mr got up to some mischief at the bachelor party. Its safe to say one of us wasn’t feeling so great the next morning, so we set off for a touristy day of sightseeing.

If you have a hangover and trust me you probably will, then head over to Gordon Ramsay Burger for some of the best burgers I have ever eaten! I would highly recommend trying The Patriot Burger; turkey breast topped with smoked gouda, cherry compote and spicy mayo.


Every casino has something to do that’s not just gambling  and Mandalay Bay has its own Shark Reef.

Even at night there are some cool things to see and do. Its a city that doesn’t stop!

The famous Bellagio Fountains and Treasure Island Volcano are certainly worth running down the strip, not even stopping when you have a stitch! There is plenty to do whether you want to stay up all night at the tables or just simply  people watch.

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