My Go To Outfits

I like my wardrobe to be full of outfits ready to go.  


Dungarees – New Look|Top – H&M|Shoes – Converse via Office.

I never thought I would get into the dungaree trend but here I am picking them as a staple in my wardrobe. They are just an outfit in themselves meaning you’ve just got to add a top and some shoes and you’re done no faffing around; plus they’ve got plenty of pockets which is always a good thing in my eyes! You also can’t go wrong with classic white converse and a striped polo neck which is why this outfit is my go to for a day out shopping, date night or sight seeing.


Leotard – ASOS|Skirt – H&M|Boots – H&M.

This outfit has been on the blog a few times now, it’s my go to smart casual look, simple but effective plus it’s super comfy. I love the colour of the skirt and again it has pockets! Also the different textures in all the different pieces make this simple outfit a little more interesting. This is perfect for meeting the parents or drinks with the girls.


Leotard – Topshop|Jeans – ASOS|Boots – Missguided.

I don’t go out on the town very often, however special occasion dinner and drinks do arise sometimes and having an outfit I know I can grab and look good in is super important. This leotard is the perfect statement top for someone who isn’t that keen on making statements; business at the front, slight party at the back.It’s a great piece to have in my wardrobe as I can mix and match it with jeans, skirts even shorts for lot’s of different looks.

Shirt – H&M|Jeans – ASOS|Shoes – H&M.

I love shirts; some might say I have a few too many in my wardrobe but they are just such a great staple. I pair mine with a good pair of jeans and some pumps and i’m ready for a day at work or I can tuck it in whack on some boots and i’m ready for dinner or drinks with the Mr. Shirts are great for layering, they still look good peeking out from under a jumper and if you buy the right type they won’t have got crumpled when you take the jumper off.

If someone were to say I was going on a mystery trip and needed to pack without knowing I would happily pack all of these and know that I had something for every occasion

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