A Little Look Back and a Little Look Forward

NYE SparklerA Little Look Back and a Little Look Forward

A little look back at the positives of the last year and a few goals I want to achieve this year.

2016 wasn’t the best year for the world but selfishly in my own life I had a fantastic year and I think it’s important to look at the positives however small they are in comparison.

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I got to travel a lot; mainly to some of my favourite places: Bristol, Brighton, Disneyland Paris, Norfolk, Wriggly Tins and I had the best travel companions.

London Blogger Moves House

The Mr and I moved in together over half way through the year and then in December celebrated one year together, having him in my life made this year the best so far.


I saw Post Modern Jukebox at Camden which was a dream come true!


My blog came on leaps and bounds, I finally felt happy with the content I was  creating plus I got to work with Specsavers on a post.


Looking forward to 2017 I wanted to set some goals; nothing too big and unattainable. I think it’s important to set goals that you can actually achieve, otherwise there is no point.

– Give up Fizzy drinks – this does not include tonic water because life without Gin&Tonics is a sad one.

– Travel to at least three different places throughout the year.

– Grow my freelancing business.

– Use the gym membership that I’m paying for but haven’t got off my lazy bum to actually use. 

I hope 2016 was good to you and have a fantastic 2017! 

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