Clean Sheets and Room Service


A blissful week off work saw the boy and I leave the grey skies of London for the blue skies of Bristol for a few days.



We hopped on an afternoon train and a few hours later we were in the beautiful city of Bristol. A short walk from the station was our hotel Bristol City Center Marriot.


Yes I belly flopped onto the double bed and was then swiftly wrestled by the Mr.


After taking over the bathroom and making the most of the room we headed off for an evening walk down by the river.


The city is very Parisian at night.


It wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t gorge ourselves silly on room service. If you ever stay at The Bristol Marriot I highly recommend getting a side of Mac ‘n’ Cheese and a dessert of Double Dare Cheesecake.


We sipped on Gin and Tonics before climbing into bed and falling asleep encased in clean sheets and mountains of pillows.

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