Should’ve Gone to Specsavers

Blogger in Sunglasses

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a teenager and i’ve been a customer at Specsavers just as long so when they offered me a chance to get some new spectacles on them I jumped at the chance.


I booked an appointment at my local branch and popped down at a time convenient for me and had them test out my peepers; not only do they check your vision but also for any eye health related things like  glaucoma.


Luckily for me my eyes hadn’t changed prescription which meant I could move onto the fun bit, deciding on the frames. Now I already have a pair of day to day glasses so I decided to get myself some prescription sunglasses.


Specsavers doesn’t only have their own brand they sell a range of designer brands including Tommy Hilfigur, Converse, Love Moschino and MAX&Co. So there is something for everyone and every price range.


There is no rush in choosing your frames you can have a good long browse and check that they suit you multiple times, I have quite a tiny face so finding glasses that don’t swamp me can be really difficult. In the end I opted for this gorgeous pair of MAX&Co Standout Sunglasses.

Now comes the fancy technology bit; once you’ve chosen your frames they use precision care to ensure they fit properly. Using tablet technology they calculate the important measurements needed to fit your lenses as well as showing you how different lens options will improve your glasses with a ‘real time’ demonstration.

What frames would you pick?

Glasses care of Specsavers however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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