Film Screenings and Wet Rooms


Because when you go to a film screening in another city you have to make a mini break out of it!



Recently  I was very kindly invited to a film screening of a friends newest film in Brighton so the Mr and I hopped on a train and set off for another adventure.


We stayed in a gorgeous guest house called Fab Guest House which has lovely little rooms with comfy double beds and awesome wet rooms. The perfect place to stay for an over night or a few days.


There was a tiny bit of drizzle as our train pulled in but that didn’t stop us having a quick stroll through town and a quick game of air hockey – and yes I won!


Cropped Shirt – Brandy Melville|Jacket – Brandy Melville|Jeans – New Look (similar).

After drying off and indulging in the free tea and coffee and a twix – it’s the little things. It was time to get ready for the main event. I opted for a twist on the classic blue jeans, white shirt.


After a lovely evening enjoying good films and catching up with old friends we stole ourselves away to Riddle and Finns The Beach for dinner. We kicked it all off with a complimentary glass of fizz and some of the best freshly baked bread i’ve ever tasted.


I opted for the New England Clam and Bacon Chowder to start with, comfort food with an elegant twist. So full of flavour for such a simple dish. The Mr had pretty much inhaled his scallops before I could take a snap but he highly recommends the Chorizo and Chilli Scallops with a squeeze of lemon.


The Mr went for the Pan Fried fillet of Seabass with Crushed Potatoes, Braised Radicco, Jerusalem Artichokes two ways with Orange Butter Sauce. When asked for comment; through a mouthful of food I managed to get a ‘perfect balance of flavours’.


I went for a classic; Smoked Haddock fillet on a bed of Colcannon Mash, topped with a Poached Egg, Pancetta and Champagne Sauce. Beautifully rich without being too filling.


We somehow had room for dessert and chose the selection of homemade desserts which included a tart Rhubarb Crumble, a wickedly Chocolate Profiterole,heavenly Tiramsu and a refreshing Wild Berry Sorbet along side other yummy treats.


Full to the brim we rolled ourselves home by the lit up pier and fell asleep dreaming of delicious seafood.

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