365 No Spend Challenge | 8 Month Update

Have I broken my spending ban?   

I am now over half way of my 2018 challenge of not buying any clothing and it’s really not a challenge anymore! I almost had a slip up when I was left to my own devices in Westfields shopping centre and all the new autumn jackets where in the stores but otherwise it’s proved rather refreshing these summer months to not be coveting anything. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I would have picked up a few bits and bobs if I could have but there isn’t anything I regret not picking up.


My two most worn items this summer are my Girl vs Cancer Tit Tee which I have not stopped going on about on the blog, it’s just so versatile, comfortable and stylish. Styles perfectly with jeans, shorts, skirts, just about anything. I have also been loving this midi skirt from Anthropologie. As a petite blogger I thought that midi skirts weren’t for me but I will happily eat my words as this is such a great piece that I can definitely see it transitioning into my winter wardrobe.


In terms of what I want to buy in the future for the summer months I really want to invest in another midi skirt as they are such a great alternative to jeans without having to get your legs out, but I also want a good not too short pair of denim shorts. My current pair are way to big on my waist and are a bit of a faff to wear so i’d love some new shorts as long as they don’t show off half my bum! I have a fair few summer dresses in my wardrobe but I’m always open to having more.



I won’t lie I am so excited for autumn already! I can’t wait to get out all my jumpers and boots out and start layering up again. However I was pleasantly surprised despite the London heatwaves that summer wasn’t the big struggle I thought it was going to be. I praised myself for not getting rid of my maxi dresses because I literally lived in them, fell back in love with espadrilles and bought myself a colour pop bag.

What’s your favourite new item? Leave them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “365 No Spend Challenge | 8 Month Update

  1. This looks like a super fun challenge and I so want to take it up! I shop a lot and it has become more like an obsession now which is unhealthy! So I will now not buy any new piece of clothing until it very necessary(for eg-a pair of jeans or a basic black/white tee which gets worn out) for the next 3 months atleast. 🙂 Your post did inspire me. Thanks!

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