Adding a Splash of Sunshine to Your Wardrobe

Never be afraid to pop a bit of colour into your life.


As someone who used to live in black and white outfits and only recently upgraded to grey, blue and cream, putting bright colours into my outfits is a big deal. If like me you are a little timid when it comes to brights then may I suggest you purchase a colour pop bag, it’s the perfect way to add a little bit of sunshine to your outfit.


When it comes to bags I am very much a backpack kind of a girl but recently I found myself in need for a traditional handbag and spotted this beauty in the House of Fraser sale. It’s got two separate compartments, a detachable shoulder strap and despite it looking tiny it fits all the essentials plus a few random bits as well. I’ve styled it here in a more casual way with jeans and a polo but it also suits more dressed up occasions and I can’t wait to style it next year during wedding season.

If you fancy adding a colour pop bag to your wardrobe check out my current favourites on the market.


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