Five Highlights from January

The best bits of the month… 

January the ‘struggle month’ as I like to call it. Trying to get back into the swing of things: work, gym, not eating pigs in blankets – you know the usual! Hopefully you all made it through without too many tantrums about early mornings and the commute to work. It’s been pretty grey and drizzly for the majority of January so I am looking forward to some blue skies as we go into February.

I don’t do monthly favourites anymore and haven’t really since quitting YouTube so thought a little highlights post might be a better way to round things up for you my readers.


Getting back into the gym. I am a gym bunny but Christmas saw me have to take a little step back to fit in a few more glasses of mulled wine whilst snuggled on the sofa with a milk tray. However January has me full steam ahead and training harder than before. I’ve enlisted the help of both my PT best friend and my very patient boyfriend to help me get stronger rather than just fitter. My arms are still a little sore from my first chest and arms day but I can’t wait to transform my twig arms!

I wore the jumper of dreams. This beautiful M&S jumper didn’t leave my back, it would have featured in every blog post had I not had to wash it a few time. It’s the perfect mix of textures and colours to brighten up the grey, drizzly January weather.


Re-lived the first few months of dating. January saw the Mr and I have a bit more time together, we took a trip to the aquarium, snuggled up watching cartoons in bed and dined out because we couldn’t be bothered to cook. It was nice to just chat and laugh and remember why we fell in love. Cheesy I know.

Worked with New Dawn Skincare. I was so grateful for this awesome company to get in touch with me about their amazing cruelty free and organic products, we even did a giveaway together! I’ve been cruelty free for over 2 years now and I never regret it.

Went back to ballet. It was one of my New Years Goals to go back to a dance class once a week and I took the plunge and bloody loved it! I wasn’t as rusty as I thought I would be and it’s a great way to get fit and have fun. I forgot how much joy I got from dancing and just that hour and a half makes the start of the week that little less gloomy.


February I’m starting a new job, planning some DIY and looking forward to slightly longer evenings.

What are you looking forward to in February?

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