Inspiration Squad|Kathryn Peters

Having a squad full of inspirational woman is my favourite thing and I wanted to share how wonderful these ladies are with you. 

Kathryn and I met at dance college and instantly bonded over our love of Disney and musicals. We’ve shared so many adventures together and she is one of the most supportive women i’ve ever met. She is also a kick ass personal trainer who never whinges when I text her from the gym asking if i’m doing things right!

I wanted to get a little insight for you on a personal trainers thoughts especially on how easy it is to integrate fitness into your life and how you don’t have to be a super human to work out.

What advice would you give to someone starting their fitness journey? 

Firstly, I would say to them ‘Fantastic!’ because this is the first step to making a significant difference to their life and it is great that they have taken this decision to make a change. Secondly, I would say ‘slow and steady wins the race’. This may sound like a backwards statement where you would think this would discourage effort, but I believe that making small adjustments that are easy to stick to, makes for a more likely transition into consistently incorporating exercise into a daily/weekly routine. I would encourage people to be equally realistic and determined! It is great to have a goal or two in mind that you want achieve, but this should come with some realism so that you are not disheartened or demotivated.

Thirdly, I would say choose an exercise regime that is easily added to your current routine, for example, purchasing a couple of weights or an exercise DVD so that you can exercise at home, going for a run round the block after work or joining a local exercise class. Start with something manageable and then once you’ve mastered that and it becomes a routine, that’s when the magic begins and the world is your oyster when it comes to keeping fit! Plus always always have a really good pair of trainers!


What are your favourite products to use after a workout? 

The first one is equipment based. After my workout, after I have stretched I like to use a foam roller to ease the tension in tight muscles, especially my quads, hamstrings, claves and glutes. Make sure you roll over the muscle forwards and backwards, nice and slowly so that you really work into the muscles. Find the point where you feel the most feedback (or pain) and then roll on this point from side to side and this will really help ease the tightness in the muscle.

The second product is food-based. Call me old school or whatever, but I am very much in favour of eating real food to achieve goals. Unless you are training to become a weight lifter or to seriously bulk up, then I am not so sure that most of the ‘post-workout’ products advertised are to most people’s advantage. (That is just my opinion and I am sure that there are some products out there that do work for some people!) For me, after a workout I grab a banana and a rice cake with natural peanut butter or Greek yoghurt loaded with fresh berries. This gives you a combination of carbohydrates to replace glycogen and to replenish energy stores. It also contains proteins to provide amino acids for the building and repair of muscle tissue.

How do you spend your rest days ? 

I love a good chilled day just as much anyone and I certainly love my food! So on my rest days you will most likely find me either grabbing some food to catch up with a friend, watching a few films or reading a good book! Personal trainers are still humans and we still have our weaknesses for binging a series on Netflix, with a treat in hand! Another one of my loves is the theatre and I like to make sure that I book in a few shows over the year so that I have something fun to look forward to on my rest days.


I can’t wait for the weather to be a little warmer so I can nab Kathryn for some training sessions!

To follow Kathryn or to enquire about training sessions make sure you check out her website and follow her on social media.

Also make sure you’ve read my interview with Lucy. 

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