My Top Style Pieces | The Simple Roll Neck

If you don’t already own one then you need one!

I love a roll neck; or a turtle neck whichever way you prefer to say it. It’s one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe especially as a layering piece. If you live in a hotter country then it’s probably not going to be as useful in your wardrobe but if you are a UK dweller like myself it’s a must have.

Don’t get me wrong I love wearing them on their own, tucked into jeans or a skirt but I also think they look great under a sweatshirt or a tea dress, even as an extra layer on a long sleeved jumpsuit. To help blend it with the rest of your wardrobe I would go for a neutral colour like grey, black or cream (depending on what other colours you normally wear) however if you already have a neutral wardrobe and are looking for an excuse to inject a pattern into your wardrobe then you could go for a striped one or a bolder colour. A roll neck really is a piece you can dress up or down, wear for work and casual, it’s the ultimate versatile item.


This one is a very old; probably 8+ years H&M one but for more sustainable options I would recommend this Organic Basics one or for a more high street but ethical option this Marks & Spencer one.

If you do live in a warmer country and still want to layer then you can get short sleeve versions as well as bib ones so defineitly a style you can still achieve without sweating in a long sleeve.

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