Daily Look No.20

Afternoons at the manor.


I have always been a ‘potterhead’ but this second lockdown my obsession has come to the surface again and this outfit is very much inspired by the Malfoys and what I think Draco’s sister (if he had one) would wear on the weekend at The Manor if Harry Potter was set today.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get away with wearing a rollneck under a dress but I am digging it. I’d seen it all over Instagram and Pinterest and think it’s a great way to wear your summer dresses in the colder weather. The dress and the top are both over 5 years old and I still love both items and love finding new ways to style them.

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*Despite loving the Harry Potter universe I do not agree with any views that the author JK Rowling shares. I am a huge supporter LGBTQ+ and I am happy that we can continue to love the characters and the world without supporting her and her disgusting views.

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