How to Have the Perfect Pamper Evening at Home

It’s always a good idea to treat yourself.

God knows we all need a pamper night this lock down, just for a few hours of ‘you’ time so here is my perfect pamper night (pamper mornings and afternoons are also highly recommend!)

First things first if you have the time then change the bedding on your bed and get out some fresh night wear. There is nothing better than new sheets and clean pyjamas when you get out of the bath! Then run yourself a hot bath, light some candles and choose what delights you’re going to add.  I love the Body Shop bath bombs they smell divine and are vegan, they are relatively new and currently not on their online shop so you may have to wait until the stores open again to get your hands on these cuties.  If you prefer whack in some bubbles or some bath salts and then hop in and let your stresses steam away, I nearly always have my phone perched on the bath caddy with some sort of rubbish show on to entertain me; currently loving re-watching Come Dine With Me on Netflix or a podcast playing, whatever floats your boat.


I am awful at remembering to exfoliate but the Body Shop Shea Sugar Scrub is helping and it does making shaving a lot smoother. It is a lot of plastic packaging but I do always save my Body Shop empties and take them back into the store for them to recycling but if anyone has any plastic free options drop them in the comments. As listed in my 2020 favourites The Green People Shower Gel is so luxurious and the perfect option for a pamper night, the packaging is recyclable and 10% of the profits go to charity. After my bath I love using the Body Shop British Rose Body Yogurt; it can be applied to wet skin and will still absorb and moisturize, without leaving you feeling tacky. All of the Body Yoghurts are 100% vegan, made with 100% community traded almond milk from Spain.


The pampering doesn’t stop there. Slip into those fresh pj’s pull on a dressing gown if needed and possibly pour yourself a cheeky gin and tonic or a glass of bubbly – I also really enjoy tea but it’s a slightly less glamorous image! I love face masks and I go on about them a lot on the blog so I won’t spend too much time. When I’m in full on pamper mode I tend to double mask starting with the Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme, this draws out any impurities, illuminates and repairs your skin, if you suffer with oily prone skin or are one a budget I would highly recommend The Sanctury Spa Thermal Detox Mask. If you are short on time then pop the Antonia Burrell on as an overnight treatment and wake up with amazingly soft and clear skin however if you have time pop on a second mask this time a hydrating one like the No7 Hydration Mask.

Once you’ve rinsed off the face mask, go through your skin care routine and then get ready for bed. I’m normally so zen by this time that it really doesn’t take me too long to drift off into the land of nod.

Let me know what your ideal pamper night looks like in the comments below!

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