Why we Picked the Wedding Shop for our Gift List

The perfect place for all your wedding gift needs.

We were originally going to go with John Lewis for our gift list as it was the only one I really knew of, so when they decided to revamp there’s and weren’t going to reopen until one month before our wedding I changed tack and started to look for alternatives. The most highly recommend one was The Wedding Shop. A few emails later and the Mr and I were booked in to The Townhouse for a consultation (we did this before the pandemic way back in March 2020) The Wedding Shop has been around since 1990 so they know what they are doing! They operate from their showroom in Fulham (where we went) through Selfridges as well as in Ireland and Scotland plus you can do it all online as well.

We were greeted with a glass of bubbles and met with our gift guru in the show home living room. You’re invited to download their app which has a bar code scanner and then you run wild round the house scanning items you want to add to your gift list. The best thing about going to The Townhouse is that you can see the items in-situ, you can pick everything up and ask any questions to your gift guru who can also point out the most popular items or anything new that you might need. It’s definitely a really personal service.

They also cover a range of different companies from Joseph Joseph to the White Company, but are all top of the range. Once you’ve scanned all the bits and bobs you fancy you can then go home and go on the website where all your items are stored, delete any frivolous items you may have added or add something you see on the website that you hadn’t seen in the showroom. The other thing I love about The Wedding Shop is that you can make more pricey items available for multiple to buy. For example we asked for a Le Creuset Casserole Dish; they are a big investment piece but we could make it so a group of friends could all chip in for the one item or if someone was feeling incredibly generous they could still pledge to buy the whole thing.


Once the wedding is done then you can start ordering your presents and they are delivered straight to your door. You can even change your mind on an item someone has bought you and use the money pledged to buy something different, they keep your account open for life so you can replace anything that gets broken. If tangible gifts aren’t your thing and you prefer a honeymoon fund or a charity donation then you can also set these up with The Wedding Shop.

So what should you put on your gift list? The Mr and I have lived together for around four years so we already had all the things we ‘needed’ so we used this as an opportunity to upgrade some of our older bits as well as adding some treats of things we wouldn’t normally splurge on.  I would also add things of multiple price ranges as everyone has different budgets. Photo frames, vases and kitchen utensils are a great lower budget option and are things that you might not normally buy for yourself. There is so much for you to choose from you’ll be able to make such a personalized list of things you really want and need.

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