My Coat Collection

I gained the nickname ‘Katie2Coats’ at one of my old work places and this is why…

For someone who loves having a capsule wardrobe, I have never included coats in my numbers mainly because I am obsessed and my coat collection is a tad out of control. I wear all of them on rotation; obviously my waterproof ones get a little more wear in good old rainy England.

The Most Useful One

Kicking it off with my most used coat, the waterproof one.

Living in the UK having a coat that will keep you dry from the downpours is super important and to get a good one you do have to invest a little more money. This one is only a few years old after my old faithful Jack Wills one kicked the bucket, it was a Fat Face sale bargain! It has so many pockets, keeps me so warm and gives off ‘Barbour’ vibes without shelling out for that price tag.

The style is classic and goes with everything in my wardrobe – apart from my really smart dresses; the dark chocolate colour makes it more versatile than an all black one which i think is what a lot of people are drawn to for an everyday coat.

The Newest One

Keeping with the waterproof theme is my little puffer jacket; this is my most recent purchase. I needed a coat that would pack down for our trip to Malta and this was perfect and has proved very useful since. Again this was a sale purchase from Mountain Warehouse – not the most sustainable purchase but I was in a rush and on a budget; I know that I will get a lot of wear out of it which makes up for that a little. It’s not as waterproof as my other one but works great for summer showers as it’s not as heavy weight so doesn’t keep me as toasty but does keep me dry.

If you don’t have a pack-down jacket in your wardrobe then I would highly recommend investing in one.

The Oldest One

Another amazing sale find (are you seeing the recurring theme here?) This is a very old jacket, more than 7 years I think, way before I started my sustainability journey. It’s from Topshop which I would never dream of purchasing from now but luckily I wear this on a weekly basics. For me a denim jacket is one of the most versatile things to have in your wardrobe.

I actually love a cheeky double denim but I also use it to dress down some of my dresses for more everyday wear. It’s also really warm as it has the ‘borg’ style lining so is the perfect spring/autumn jacket.

The Least Useful One

Probably the most useless jacket in my wardrobe but I still love it. I got this when every blogger had a ‘teddy’ jacket and I couldn’t help myself but also get one. It was gifted to me by a company I used to work with who do not hold any sustainable values. It’s very much a ‘fashion’ piece it’s not waterproof, it’s not particularly warm but it looks good!

This is my popping to the shops jacket, as it’s easy to sling on and has two deep pockets at the front for storing snacks and money.

The Versatile One

Who doesn’t love a leather jacket?

Easily the best money spent and the most worn. It goes with everything in my wardrobe, keeps me dry, warm and is a classic style. It’s not real leather (obviously) and didn’t break the bank. It is getting a little shabby because I wear this to death. Finding a good leather jacket that is sustainable is ridiculously hard and I am not looking forward to finding one when this one falls apart.

Any suggestions please put them in the comments!

The Smart One

Another very old sale bargain.

Everyone needs a smart coat in their collection; I love the cut of this coat and the length as it makes it really easy to style with some of my shorter dresses. It’s a really dark navy which again works really well with my wardrobe, but the gold buttons just give it a little bit of a lift. It’s not waterproof but it does keep me warm.

I call this my ‘Sherlock’ coat as it gives me Cumberbatch vibes and you can pop the collar to help with wind chill.

The Second Hand One

Saved the best till last. This absolutely gorgeous leather jacket is from a charity shop, it cost me £10 and I love it. It’s men so is vastly over sized but the colour is just amazing. I believe it is real leather but at least I am giving it a second lease of life.

It works perfectly with my jeans and a t-shirt uniform and if you are a monochromatic colour person like myself a coloured jacket can fit in really well. This mustard one does work with patterns but it can be quite a statement look.

If you can I would recommend buying a coat second hand mainly because you can save a lot of money but also there are some great quality, barely worn ones out there.

And there you have it, my coat collection. What I didn’t realise is that I have never bought a coat full price they are all sale pieces! I don’t need anymore coats but I have my eye on a gorgeous camel one – I might have to wait till my navy blue smart one falls apart or if I can find one second hand i’ll snap that up.

If you think this amount of coats is extravagant, I would agree. Really you need a waterproof winter coat, some kind of pack away waterproof and a smart coat or jacket. Will I ever only own three coats, probably not.

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