What I Packed For Malta & What I Wish I’d Packed

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to packing.

The Mr and I love a quick break, we oddly prefer it to taking two whole weeks off in one go, and recently we headed to Malta after being a little spontaneous earlier in the year and buying one of those lucky dip Wowcher Holiday deals. A bit of January sun is just what we needed after a very hectic festive season at work so we were very ready to pack up and get on that plane. Although the 2:30am wake up call was not (and never will be) welcome.

A three day holiday sounds like it should be easy to pack for, right? But then you fall into that train of thought of have I packed too little?! Is that even possible!

Here is what I packed:

– 2 X Cashmilon Jumpers
– 2 X Graphic T-shirts
– 1 X Camisole Top
– 1 X Pair of Jeans
– 1 X Bikini
– 1 X Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
– 1 X Pair of Converse
– 1 X PJ’s
– 1 X Small Crossbody Bag
– Underwear & Socks (obviously)
– Sunglasses
– 1 X Murder Mystery Novel (which as predicted despite best efforts I didn’t read)


The holiday was more of an adventuring sight seeing type break rather than lounging about by the pool, so comfortable shoes and layers where my first thoughts. One t-shirt & jumper to wear and one to pack was sufficient enough and I was underneath my red coat for most of the time so I have no regrets in that department, I didn’t really need the camisole which was a ‘smarter’ choice but seeing as it barely took up any space in my backpack it was nice to have it just in case. I do wish I had packed another pair of jeans (or trousers) because I was constantly worrying that my trousers were going to get dirty as we were doing a fair few hikes, plus my holiday photos look like they were all taken on the same day because I am wearing my red coat and jeans in 99% of them. Speaking of the red coat, what a fantastic last minute purchase! Windproof, waterproof and folds down pretty small, perfect for Malta in January – the weather is like spring time in the UK.


We did spend a little time splashing about in the pool but one bikini was enough as they dried over night ready for the next day. Converse were definitely the sensible choice as they are comfortable, waterproof and easy to style with everything else in my suitcase but I did have space for a pair of TOMS which would have been great for wandering around the hotel and to and from the pool as they are easy to slip on and off, plus they’re not heavy so would have been fine to carry around in my backpack. All in all a pretty successful packing job!

Are you an over packer or an under packer?


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