Meet The ‘Mid-Layer’ Essentials You Need

What you are wearing underneath is just as important!

We talk all the time about the essential wardrobe pieces; white t-shirt, the perfect pair of jeans etc. but we don’t often talk about the pieces we wear underneath those items which are just as essential. It took me a while (26 years of my life) to realize how important they were so I thought I would pass on my knowledge so someone else doesn’t take as long to invest in them. Now I’m not talking about bra’s, pants etc although they are important – for obvious reasons; I’m talking about the ‘mid-layer’.

Cold Weather Essentials

Thermals; how I went as long as I did without them I have no clue, remember wearing a thermal vest at Infant school, well it’s basically that but with sleeves! I have both long sleeve ones and short sleeves, so if I know I want to roll up the sleeves on a shirt or blazer I won’t have to have the annoyance of a long sleeve getting in the way, you can get them in either a traditional crew neck or a v-neck – again great if you are a shirt wearer who likes the top few buttons open. If like me you live in London where it’s cold a good proportion of the time then they are the best investment and don’t break the bank. I personally buy mine from M&S; they come in a variety of neutral colours and aren’t tight fitting which is what I prefer. Are they sexy? No. Do they keep me toasty? Yes. I also have thermal leggings, not as essential but bloody useful if you like wearing maxi skirts in the winter and tights just aren’t quite hacking it in the warmth department.

Slips & Skirt Slips

I used to associate a slip with my grandma, oh how wrong I was. Literally the most useful items in my wardrobe. They stop skirts and dresses riding up, help conceal underwear if something your wearing is a little see through and can make items sit better on your body. Again mine are all from M&S, only because the pricing is good and they have the simplest versions. You could get these a little more decorative if you so wished but then I think they become a bit more of an underwear piece than a ‘mid – layer’. I would recommend buying these in the basic colours to match what you need in your wardrobe, anything more colourful makes it less useful.


My Mid Layer Essentials

2 x Long Sleeved Thermal

2 x Short Sleeve Thermal

1 x Thermal Leggings

2 x Full Slips (1 white, 1 nude)

1 x Skirt Slip (Black) 


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