The Investment Coat


If there’s something every Londoner needs then its a good quality waterproof!


We all know that there is a lot of rain in the UK, we’re the butt of most peoples jokes when it comes to weather but in true British fashion we don’t let a bit of rain get in the way, we get stylish with our weather proof jackets.

Being wet is absolutely miserable and I truly believe that investing in a good waterproof is something every Londoner – or anyone for the fact should do. This Jack Wills beauty has popped up in many of my blog posts and i’ve had it for a good couple of years but it’s still going strong. It’s stylish, fully lined so it keeps me cosy and most importantly keeps the rain out and the best part is that I bought it in the sale!

Now they no longer sell this coat but they have a great selection of coats on their website and they are in the sale too!

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

3 thoughts on “The Investment Coat

  1. I feel your pain – Manchester, reporting for weather duty! I have a lovely double zip jacket which I wouldn’t be without come rain or snow. There’s no need to ever look like a drowned rat!!!

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