Have My Spending Habits Changed One Year On?

Is my purse lighter or heavier one year on from my spending ban? 

Not spending for a whole year in 2018 definitely made me change the way I look at what clothes are entering my wardrobe and in 2019 I only bought 8 items of clothing; with only two of those items being ‘frivolous’ purchases – a new jumpsuit to celebrate my new job and a long sleeved Slytherin top just because I wanted it. Although not necessities I have already worn both items multiple times. The other items have gone through rigorous questioning before being allowed into my wardrobe; where was it made and by whom, what is the quality like, how many items does it style with in my wardrobe and can I guarantee the cost per wear?


Each time I go for a mooch around the shops I no longer get the itchy feeling to buy something new and I will basically avoid even entering the fast fashion shops like Zara, Topshop etc. Somehow my favourite store to browse in has become Marks & Spencer, although i’m still not buying for the sake of it. It does feel odd for someone who loves styling clothes to not be buying all the newest items on the market but I’ve found my taste in clothes has changed a lot and I hate a lot of the ‘on trend’ pieces that popped up throughout last year. If I had to describe my style it would be comfortable, practical and I hope a little chic.

I would 100% recommend not buying clothes for a year, it’s not as tough as you may think and it will change your spending habits. Last year and now going into this new year I’m really trying to up my sustainability and ethicalness when it comes to my purchases, which i’m hoping has been evident on the blog a little already and any tips would be greatly received. In terms of where I see my spending headed this year I need to get some neutral basics but think my purchases could be as low as five items, if I can I’d like to get them second hand as I haven’t been charity shopping for a long time!

Would you take on the No Spend 365 Challenge?

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