My Top 5 Wedding Guest Essentials

Wedding season has started, time to get the essentials together.  

I have written a fair few posts on my blog about weddings: outfits, makeup, bridal kit, the list goes on but this year the Mr and I don’t have any weddings on the cards. However I know that lots of people will still be heading off to celebrate special days so I thought instead I would write a post about my 5 wedding guest essentials.


Let’s start with my favourite subject, makeup. Now everyones makeup preferences are different, I am always changing up my makeup depending on what outfit I’m wearing, the time of year or the type of wedding. However any wedding I attend there are a few things I can’t live without, starting with a good primer. My current favourite is the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer, it creates a great base for my make-up and helps prolong it, perfect for when you need your make up to stay all day. Speaking of long wearing if you’re going for a lipstick a liquid lipstick or lip stain is an essential. The MDM Flow Liquid Lipstick are always my go to and come in a great range of colours, it stops me having to top up the colour every time I take a sip of champagne.

Lastly lashes, now I know for some people this might seem like a crazy essential but I tend to wear individual lashes every single day so for a wedding it would seem odd for me not to be wearing them, however there is a reason for my madness. Lots of photos are taken throughout the day during weddings and having a bit of extra oomph in the lash department can make your eyes pop and make sure you look good in every photo! Even that one at 2am in the morning when you’re the last one on the dance floor.


 Turning our attention to my next favourite subject; fashion and more importantly shoes. I don’t tend to wear heels anymore unless it’s for a wedding and I always pick the comfiest pair because I am going to be stuck in them all day! I have a few pairs I tend to alternate between but they are all from Kurt Geiger. Pick a pair that lengthens your legs but won’t have you dying in agony after 20mins of standing it sounds obvious but I myself have fallen victim to the ‘but they are so pretty it will be worth the pain’ – trust me it’s not. Bag wise I will always choose a bag with a strap than a clutch bag, how else are you going to show off your dance moves properly and I’m not a fan of teeny tiny bags that won’t even fit your phone because where else are you going to store all your essentials, phone, camera, tissues etc.

So there you have it my 5 wedding essentials: primer, long wear lipstick, lashes, comfy heels and a spacious bag.

Here are some current dresses, bags and shoes that are on the market if you are in need of some inspiration.


What are your essentials?



If you need anymore wedding outfit inspiration check out this post or this one and if you need make-up ideas then this post is my go to wedding make up. 

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