MDMflow New Nude

I hadn’t really jumped on the liquid lipstick train until I discovered this little beauty… 

MDMflow Liquid Lipstick in New Nude£25.00

I haven’t worn lipstick for ages i’ve become much more of a tinted lip balm kind of a girl it’s a lot more low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about your lipstick coming off on coffee cups, wine glasses or your partners face but then I got introduced to the MDMflow Liquid Lipsticks and I finally understood the hype of liquid lipsticks. MDMflows Lipsticks are highly pigmented, apply easily with no patches and really do stay all day, even when i’ve had a cheeky slice of pizza!

New Nude is the perfect 90’s nude shade if you love the Kylie Jenner trend plus it dries to a lovely velvet matte look without drying your lips out to the point of a desert! If you’re more of a brights person then you should definitely check out Ninety Four, an orangey red and Power, a bright fuchsia .


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