Are Veja Trainers Worth the Money?

Worth the splurge or should you save the pennies?

I have been dreaming about owning a pair of Veja trainers for a few years now but could never justify the rather costly price tag, however after much research and asking a few other bloggers what there thoughts were when my Converse finally gave up I took the plunge and ordered the Esplar leather, white with orange fluro Veja’s. Now these are not vegan however you can get vegan leather trainers from them so I would check that out if you are a vegan shoe person. I love a classic white sneaker and I also love the colour orange so this was the perfect combination. I went with my natural size 4 and they fit perfectly plus they didn’t give me blisters whilst breaking them in although they don’t soften easily.

So why choose Veja?

Veja is one of the most transparent shoe companies I’ve ever come across, their sneakers are made with well sourced leather from Brazil, where the tanning process uses less water and low level chemicals. The laces are made using organic and fairly traded cotton and the logo V is made from rubber and rice waste and that’s just the Esplar style. All the different trainers they make have a clear, sustainable and ethical chain.

You can read more about the product chain here.

How to style them?

White sneakers are a staple in my wardrobe, the go with everything can take you from work to the bar and I love a colour pop. Orange might not be everyone’s first choice but as I have a lot of neutral colours in my wardrobe it can quickly perk up any look.

The most common way I style them is with jeans – no surprises there, but also with my navy blue chinos and a white shirt for work. I am a big believer of white trainers with a floral dress for summer as a classic style and I can’t wait for the weather to be warmer to take that look out for a spin.

Yes they are a more investment item but I think they are worth the money, they are made from the best materials and I can see them lasting a long while even when they are the only ‘fashion’ trainers in my wardrobe.

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