My 13 Piece Work Capsule Wardrobe

My work capsule wardrobe has been getting a little dusty the last year or so as I was on furlough and now I work 90% of the time from home however a lot of us are returning to the office so I thought it was time to share my work capsule wardrobe.

Now I work in an environment which has a very smart casual approach when it comes to what we need to wear so this isn’t going to be full of suits etc. I like to make sure i’m comfortable throughout the day and can be in an outfit that works for meetings as well as day to day desk life. To keep it work suitable though I tend to opt for monochrome palette with maybe a polka dot thrown in to change it up every once in a while. If I feel I want to jazz up an outfit then I add a coloured headband into the mix. I’m also lucky enough that trainers are no problem at all but I also used to wear a smart pair of loafers to work so whatever works for you – as long as they are comfortable.

I like to keep my work wardrobe as separate to my normal wardrobe as possible but I do have some bottom haves that stray between the two and if i’m going from work to a date night things might get mixed up but for the most part this is what I wear 9 – 5 Monday to Friday…

Shirts, Tops & Jumpers

2 x Rupani T-shirts (One White. One Black)

1 x Uniqlo (Second Hand) White Shirt

1 X Uniqlo (Second Hand) Navy Polka Dot Shirt

1 x M&S Cashmillion Sweater

1 x H&M (Very Old) Sweater

Denim & Skirts

2 x M&S Chino’s (One Olive. One Navy)

1 x M&S Corduroy Skirt – this is in my general wardrobe as well.

1 x H&M (Very Old) Leather Look Jeans – also crosses over.

Dresses & Jackets

1 x SHEIN (Old) Black & White Polka Dot Shift Dress

1 x Handmade Navy Blue Shift Dress

1 x River Island (So old I’m surprised it’s not falling apart) Black Blazer

I make sure everything in my work wardrobe goes with trainers as I wear my Veja’s everywhere, if I was to switch back to loafers I would made sure that they were a pair that fitted with every piece. With just twelve pieces I can still wear something different each day and am prepped for all weathers. I use one backpack everyday which is a colour pop yellow so can help brighten up the monochrome.

Do you keep your work wear separate?

2 thoughts on “My 13 Piece Work Capsule Wardrobe

  1. My general style is smart casual so a lot of the outfits I’d wear to work, I’d also wear outside of work. I’m still working from home at the moment though so my work clothes are currently joggers, hoodies and tshirts!

    1. I have about two to three days working from home and it’s very much work on the top and joggers on the bottom so I can be comfy during the endless zoom calls! Sometimes I wish I could wear that to the office.

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