Cosy Night & A Crime Drama

If you are still on furlough and love a crime drama then this post is for you!

I hate horror films but I love crime drama series and documentaries, which yes I know makes no sense. After a long day at work my favourite thing is to settle down on the sofa (duvet fort optional) with a takeaway and watch detectives solving a gruesome case or learning about the life and times of a serial killer – normal I know. So I thought I would put all of my recommendations into a blog post because I have been binge watching some absolute gems them recently. So if your still on furlough and need something to fill the hours or need a Friday night thriller to get stuck into here are my current favorites. I will only be mentioning ones on Netflix or BBC Iplayer because this is where I watch all my stuff, so I’m sure I am missing out on some good ones – leave them in the comments!


Young Wallander – Great story line over eight episodes, set in Sweden but in English, some Swedish eye candy, gritty story line and brand new to Netflix. Based on the character in the Wallander Novels.

Line of Duty (also available on BBC and new series coming out soon) – characters you get really involved with, great plots, lot’s of twists and turns, fantastic acting!

Criminal UK – Jam packed with fantastic cameos of great British actors, all set in the police interview room so if you don’t like seeing the crimes and find that part a bit gruesome this is perfect because it focuses just on the solving part and interviews. Very clever and different format.

Mind Hunter – Greatest show ever, all about the history of profiling serial killers. Interesting, great acting. There are three seasons so far and lot’s of plot twists and in depth characters. Based on historical fact. Third season is not as up beat as first two but still fab.

BBC I Player

The Valhalla Murders (also on Netflix) – Fantastic Icelandic series, based on a true story. Is in Icelandic so either watch with subtitles or with slightly awful dubbing. Lot’s of plot twists and quite gruesome but great characters.

Traces – Great one off series. Fantastic cast, not very gruesome but still interesting, re-investigating an old case. Moves quite quickly but still worth a watch if you don’t want to commit to something with multiple seasons.

The Fall (also on Netflix) – Such an amazing show, where you know who the killer is and watch the police scramble like morons. Fantastic cast, Jamie Dornan is amazing, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Is quite an odd subject matter and definitely looks at psychology of the killer.

Cardinal – Set in Canada, amazing story lines but quite brutal. Good quality characters who you are very invested in within the first episode. One over arching story per season.

Other honorable mentions that I haven’t watched recently but would always recommend: Sherlock|Marcella|Hidden|London Kills|Baptiste|Night Stalker|Killing Eve|Collateral|Giri/Haji

There are so many more on my list to watch and I’m currently watching Paranoid on BBC Iplayer which so far is fantastic. Let me know your favourites in the comments.

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