How to Make Simple Bridal Hangers

A simple craft for your big day.


There can be so many little things that go into your big day that the price often mounts up without you realising, I love all the Pinterest ideas for wedding hangers but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something that probably only three people would notice so I decided to get crafty and make my own.

You will need:

~ Wooden Hearts – I buy mine from Artcuts but there are similar on Etsy. 

~ White Ink Pad – Again mine is from Artcuts but any craft store will sell this.

~ Wooden Alphabet – I ordered mine from Etsy

~ Cream Ribbon

~ Copper Metallic Pen – Mine is from Etsy but any craft or stationary store will sell a version.

~ PVA Glue

~ Clear Varnish – Mine is from Artcuts but any craft store will sell it. 

Total cost: £21.77 for five hanger tags

First step is to cover the heart with the white ink. I chose to do just one wash so you can still see the wood through but you can layer it up or if you want it to be opaque white I would recommend paint instead of ink. While that’s drying, work out what you want to say on the hangers I went traditionally for bride on my hanger and then the girls names on my bridesmaids hangers.

Then using the metallic pen colour in the wooden letters, if you have beautiful hand writing you could write directly onto the wood but my handwriting is atrocious so I needed some help. I love the copper colour but your wedding colour scheme would also work. Once the ink is dry then do a layer of clear glossy varnish before using the PVA glue to stick the letters on. Attach the ribbon and secure it to the back with a dot glue so the knot isn’t showing and then hang it on the hanger.

Super simple and cute.

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