Three Steps to Transform your Bedroom

Making changes to a room in your house doesn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds, here are three inexpensive ways to redecorate.

We’ve lived in our flat for over a year but it just didn’t quite feel like home yet, after much thought and a lot of Pinterest boards I realised it was because our bedroom needed a transformation; it was a little too plain. Now don’t get me wrong I love a white wall and a grey carper but we hadn’t ‘done’ anything with the room apart from move our furniture in. So here are my three easy steps to transform a dull room.

Change up your bedding

Nothing is better than fresh sheets after a long day but white sheets can get a little grey after a while and end up covered in pen ink – no just me then? New sheets can cost a bit so we decided to dye ours and give them a new lease of life. We used the Dylon Washing Machine Dye in Olive Green and were really impressed with the results. It’s also a great way to add a bit of colour if you are more of a neutrals person. If you’re bored of your white duvet why not dye that as well with pillows to either match or compliment in a different colour.


Add some greenery


Plants always brighten up and add character to a room. I love succulents and house plants because they are so easy to look after, plus you can get them for around £10 in a pretty pot from your local garden center; Aloe Vera is really good for air purifying and are one of the easiest plants to look after so would be the perfect starter plant. Not sure you want to become a full time plant parent, no worries there are plenty of good fake offerings around, or if flowers are more your thing then why not try a flower subscription service.

Check out my lazy girls guide to succulents|Need to repot your plant then click here.

Pin up those pictures

Photos and art work are what really make a house feel like a home, prints you’ve picked up on holidays or at exhibitions you’ve visited, life events snapped to remember forever or craft pieces you’ve worked really hard on. They bring colour to the walls and add a personal touch. Cost wise this could cost £10 if you buy the frames yourself of £45 per piece if you get them professionally framed like we do – if you’re South West London way I would really recommend Frames.

Our gallery wall is currently pretty small but it means we have so much room to expand, I can’t wait to find new pieces to add to it.

We’ve still got to add the TV onto the wall as well as switch out the blinds for some curtains but these three simple changes have worked wonders on what was quite a bland room. So whether you’re looking to make a rental property feel more personal, just moved into your university digs or am as lazy as I am after moving in to your first home then these three things will definitely help upgrade your room.

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