How I Style Mom Jeans on a Petite Frame

My pear shaped petite girls, Mom jeans can be your friend I promise.

I may be a petite girl both lengthways and horizontal but I’m still a pear shape which means that mom jeans might not be the first choice of denim I would have reached for a few years ago. However I have fully ditched skinny jeans and embraced the straight leg and more recently the ‘Mom’ Jeans.  I wear the Marks & Spencer ‘Mom’ fit and they are so comfortable!


As they are a baggier jean they can make the top of my leg look heavier however I make sure that my waist is accentuated to balance this out, as we move into the winter months and I’m bringing the larger sweaters out it may seem harder to accentuate the your waist but all you need to do is tuck it in and add a belt, or wear a cropped jumper – I never said it was rocket science. I do buy my jeans a size larger than normal because I don’t like a tight waistband so it’s mega easy for me to tuck in.

I love layering and in the UK you are going to need a coat; with Mom jeans a cropped coat or jacket works better for me as a full length coat can make me look swamped. I prefer to wear mine with Converse or TOMS I wouldn’t wear a heeled boot or heels with these jeans as it’s not my vibe and  personally I don’t think it wouldn’t balance the outfit as well.

As always this is how I style mine for everyday wear, if you wear them differently then that’s your vibe. Everyone can dress the way they want!

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