5 Step Simple Waste Free Gift

How to simply re-pot your succulents and create a waste free gift at the same time.

In my bid to be as waste free as possible and because I love succulents and believe that everyone should own one, I have found the perfect gift for birthdays, housewarmings and even Christmas (Yes I did mention the C word in May) This will of course only be possible for you to do if you already own a succulent (or two!) that needs re-potting and has lot’s of ‘baby’ plants taking up space in the pot.

You will need:

-Cactus & succulent re-potting soil (available in any garden center).

-Old food jars, candle holders, body butter tubs, tin cans. The list goes on.

-A Succulent. 

-Decorative Gravel (optional).

Step One

Clean the jars and remove any labels. I soaked mine in boiling hot water before scratching any labels off with a metal scourer. Dry thoroughly. I would recommend a container that isn’t too low but also isn’t tall and skinny.

Step Two

Remove succulent gently from it’s original pot, this is easier said than done and can take a little bit of time but after a lot of wiggling and help from a spoon it will comes free. Set aside the ‘mother’ plant once you’ve carefully separated the new growths and then remove as much soil from the roots as possible. If you can do this outside I would recommend as it’s a little messy.

Step Three

Add a small layer of new potting soil to the jar, place the succulent into the jar and add the rest of the soil around the root, making sure not to over fill the container and without letting the succulent sink to low. If you don’t have a lot of re-potting soil you can mix it with the soil from the old pot as long as the bottom mix is all new.

Step Four

If you want to add decorative gravel to the top of the pot and then water the plant (without drowning it). Don’t forget to re-pot the original plant either in a bigger pot – if needed or just with new soil in the same pot.

Step Five

Leave the new plants in the shade for three weeks to grow new roots and then they are ready for you to gift; add a book all about succulents or handwritten care instructions if you wish but I think they are a gorgeous present all on their own.

Simple, easy and waste free*. This took me an afternoon and I had three succulents to re-pot. I now have seven presents ready and waiting in a variety of containers.


*Obviously the re-potting mix comes in plastic so this is not completely waste free. If you know of anywhere that has a re-fill system for compost I would be really interested to hear about it. 

4 thoughts on “5 Step Simple Waste Free Gift

  1. This is such a lovely idea, I’d love to receive one of these as a gift. A friend of mine had succulents as wedding favours as a more waste free option! Great post x

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